August 18th, 2003

classic beard


triked in to work. Got rained on very heavily, until I got to the shelter in lexington.

talked up the bike to:
1 guy in the bike shelter in lexington, who also works in cambridge
1 guy on a powered-chair (stopped on somerville ave, waiting for the light) who wanted to know if it was usable in cases of spinal injury

got one "cool bike" from someone at a crosswalk near harvard, and a woman saying "ooh look" to her child on tricycle over on everett street.

This is getting almost as much attention as the hummer :)

also, was passed by another recumbant [bike] while waiting out of the rain, and came across another recumbant trike (it looked more like an americruiser, but as I learned later, is battery powered) on mass ave north of porter...
classic beard


More people on the bike trail on a sunny evening than a rainy morning, so correspondingly more "cool bike" and "nice bike" comments. The two old-pros at wheelworks liked the feel of sitting in it (and they found me a replacement for the bolt that fell out of the right hand shifter, yay.)

One little indian kid in a stroller up in arlington center: "mommy, have you ever seen a bike like that?"

45 miles is more than enough for one day. I think it's more than I've *ever* biked in one day (even in the past when I've biked in to cambridge, I've taken the commuter rail back out.) Trying the alternate route back was also not clever, as it has a big hill in the middle of it, even if it did let me use less of rt 62.