August 25th, 2003

classic beard


tasty dinner at ameliastrattoria - they make gnocchi that are almost but not quite "fluffy" - and the stuffed tomato appetizer has a fantastic sauce. The tiramisu was done well, but was not distinctive (well, ok, if you're ordering tiramisu you're *expecting* one particular thing) and the summer-berry charlotte looked tasty. (Hmm, the online menu overlaps about 75% with the actual menu, ah well.) Mostly empty 7-9 on a Monday, but pricy enough that they're probably doing ok anyhow; on the other hand, they don't make the "nouveau" mistake, and the portions are also generous. iced tea is clearly brewed (perhaps a *bit* overbrewed) and the coffee was unusually good, strong without being bitter. Would definitely go back.

there was actually legal (metered) street parking nearby this time, and supposedly there's parking behind it. Nice night for a walk, though, it's just not that far from central^2.