August 30th, 2003

classic beard


"mommy, look at that bike" - 4 or 5 year old girl in newburyport

The truck got more commentary than it has in a while, one "wow, it's bigger than it looks inside" from the parking lot lady and one "so where's the 50mm cannon" from an old dude in the parking lot, while we were unpacking bikes.
classic beard

Plum Island

Drove out to Plum Island with cfox (Plum Island is attached to Newburyport, rather far north on the MA coast.) Put another 12 or so miles on the trike; need to remember (1) a better attachment for the camelbak mouthpiece so I can use it without stopping (2) to take it in and get the derailleurs adjusted.

Scenery there is very pretty. Saw zillions of swallows, something that was either a heron or an egret, some canada geese, some ducks. Also a juvenile robin (still speckled) and the atlantic ocean (wave to the vikings!) Wearing the Sluggy Freelance color-changing t-shirt was a fine reminder that on overcast days, you need just as much sunblock (mmm SPF50.)

The GPS held quite nicely in the clear-front case from my old MP3 player; the camera also held up well but I'd left the extra batteries in the vest, so I got fewer pictures than I'd hoped for, but did get a few that show the setting well, if not actually showing the huge numbers of birds all around us: Plum Island Gallery I really just need a lighter pocket vest, or even a pocket-sash :)

One thing I failed to get pictures of was a biplane, doing aerobatics - rolls, climb-and-kill-power-and-fall, that climb and slip to reverse direction. Looked like they were having a *lot* of fun. I didn't see the plane at the little Plum Island airport, but I did see one of those powered-parachute things tytso was talking about a while back; they do recreational flying stuff there, perhaps they do lessons.

Still, the aerobatics of the various birds were far more impressive to watch (and they looked like they were having fun too :)