August 31st, 2003

classic beard


On today's bedford->davis^2 roundtrip, I got another batch of small-child comments, including a "wow, look at that" and a "that's cool"; there were a lot more people on the minuteman trail, so I got more adult comments as well (including some "that doesn't look like *work*", as well as "oooh, that's what *I* want". Lots of stop-and-stares when it was parked in front of the Diesel, but I was in the front hacking so didn't do much question-answering.

I think part of why it gets kids attention is that when these kids are standing or on their bikes with training wheels, we're about at eye-level (at least if I'm slouching :) Adults in a group with kids are usually paying attention to the kids, not the surroundings, as well.

Oh, and I saw one recumbent bike (looked like a bike-E) and one trike! on the way through Lexington. The trike was a long wheelbase two-in-back style, with upright handlebars. We of course waved in passing (I was trying to get home or I'd have stopped to chat)
classic beard

More triking

Decided to stick to the "fun part" of riding, and (having discovered how easily the trike loads into the truck with the divider out) drove to the parking lot at the bedford end of the minuteman, and parked there (the lot is large but was 3/4 full, it was a very nice day for biking.) Rode all the way in to Davis^2, helped a woman figure out how to get across Alewife and on to the trail again. Spent a few hours hacking with obra, kcr, tla; the Diesel has tasty drinks, and with the "garage door" front open, you can sit in the sun and hack in reasonably well-fueled comfort :)

Also spent time showing off the trike to sgw, and waved to an old acquaintance of complicated history (who I haven't seen in years) I don't think she was ignoring me, I think she just wanted to read in peace, which the café really wasn't suited to today.

Oh, and ran into dzm by the T stop. Davis^2 really was the center of the universe today :)

The ride home was slow (I was more tired, or something, and did the uphill stretch at around 5 miles in the first hour. The downhill stretch past Lexington was much faster - but the front chain-idler broke. Pictures will show up in the terratrike album by tomorrow, but basically, the idler is a two-channel pulley, so it has three plates and two slots; the plate closest to the main tube sheared off. Also, there's visible wear in the trough itself. Field expedient fix: push the plate back into place, clamp vise-grips between it and the main tube, and shift back to the larger front gear (which is further out from the main tube than the smaller ones.) Pictures will go to the vendor tomorrow, as well, to find out either what's wrong with the part, or what did I mis-assemble about it...

[Update: They read my mail on the holiday, and sent some advice as well as sending a warrantee-replacement idler wheel. Yay.]

At least this explains some of why I wasn't getting much speed on hills - it wasn't *just* me taking it easy, I was losing some to friction on that idler. (yeah, yeah, it's just an excuse. Still, anything that keeps me riding :)