September 18th, 2003

classic beard


On the way back from dinner, the collective went past a pile of trash, a pile of recycling... and a pile of computers... several of them went to good homes as a result, but it was interesting that a Dell GX1 (p3/500mhz) or a fairly generic 2x pII/500mhz machine would be on the curb.

I picked up an old (1997 or so) compaq laptop from the pile (noone else was interested, we do all have laptops, even the "starving students" have loaners... and really, what good is a pentium/mmx 150mhz these days?) It had some problems... broken pcmcia-eject tabs, floppy drive that the bios complains about, BIOS Setup Password that I haven't yet guessed or cracked... but we had an entertaining evening playing with the machines, I learned a bunch about the state of bios protection and the cracking market.

it looks like I'll be able to get linux installed on it anyway; if that works, it's got a nice screen and is nice and quiet, with big speakers - I think it becomes my new NTP synched alarm clock :)
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