September 19th, 2003

classic beard


The laptop is now running X; I left it with xdaliclock on the screen this morning, but that's just a starting point (xdaliclock doesn't actually use the screen space well; I need big digits so I can read them without my glasses.) I still don't have the setup password for it - but it looks like I don't need it, either...

The phrase "toy oriented lifeform" did cross my mind this morning [and yes, I realize that other people would apply a ... different meaning to that :) ] I got a lot of pleasure out of frobbing with this, and likewise, the thing that's made me grumpiest this week is that two different gadgets (antec coolpad and frogpad keyboard) have both failed to show up; the former, because the vendor are morons and can't address a package properly, the latter was at least a legitimate backorder problem, and they did call to let me know. So the laptop/alarmclock was fine consolation for this :)
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