September 20th, 2003

classic beard

more outdoors

Still haven't replaced the part on the bike. Did get outside though - went to Nashoba Winery + Orchard with cfox, zacheiss, and Mike. Walked up and down a hill a handful of times, ate yummy pulled-pork with apple-barbeque-sauce, collected a bag of apples and a smaller bag of peaches, which Camilla will have her evil way with later this weekend. Nashoba Winery will be a good place to pick up interesting drinks next time I host a party.

Also wandered around some potential birdwatching sites, but mostly saw a variety of frogs (green, leopard, other striped) and insects (dragonflies and similar two-wing-pair bugs, a katydid, some bees.)

Bolton Orchard is near Nashoba, and the morris dancing "harvest tour" was there today; got to catch up on things with jcb, leira, and others, and watch them do a dance called "leapfrog". Another group did a dance with 6 dancers, 6 sticks, everyone had one end of a stick in each hand - and they did lots of entwining moves that were reminiscent of square dance moves, but with the sticks keeping them "topologically honest" :-)

Also picked up sunburn on about 60% of my face and some on my neck. Oops, what I get for leaving in a hurry this morning. This will probably keep me from going to jered's housewarming, it's not enough to make me sneeze so far, but it is enough to make me feel unpleasant enough to not really be up to being social. Oh well.
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classic beard


the frogpad keyboard (mentioned previously under "toy oriented lifeform" is shipping, and arrives monday or tuesday - I even have tracking on it. yay :-)
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