September 22nd, 2003

classic beard


Got sound working; the web supplied the useful sb parameters (right, in that era, everything was a soundblaster or smelled like one.) Also configured the clock to be its own magic account, with a .xsession file that starts up dclock with the dozen or so parameters I want. No windowmanager. Oh, and run unclutter to keep the X cursor out of the way.

Used "at" to play an mp3 [yes, I own the CD, duh] of "time" (the one with all of the clocks going off at the beginning) at 10:30am. Slept through it. Need louder speakers :-) Or more likely, to not stay up until 6am on these toys *sheepish grin*

Hmm, perhaps I should get a web server up on it and install a status page of some sort :)
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    Time - Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd