September 23rd, 2003

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giant killer robots

I often tease zacheiss about the extent to which the machine-room-sysadmin parts of his job would be made easier by telepresence robotics. At least part of this is my upbringing - no, I'm too old for saturday morning giant-robot cartoons [Wile E. Coyote is my personal saviour], but I had a friend who worked for Unimation, and so I got exposed to the Puma arm and various other 3-space tools as far back as middle school, which gives me a skewed perspective on just how mainstream these things are.

So, what would be a useful machine room robot? Note that the goal here is not to replace the staff, or even to do a better job at normal things - the goal is to reduce the number of off-hours operations that actually need someone physically present.

It needs to:

  • Get around the machine room

    • without running over people

    • without damaging trailing wires

  • manipulate cables

    • including fiddly ones like rj45's with tabs, and coax

  • load and unload tapes (here the fact that the drives are already robotic might help)

  • read "blinkenlights"

  • read monitors

  • tap at keys

    • keyboards

    • reset buttons

  • operate from ground level up to the top of a full height rack

  • operate in a low-bandwidth fallback mode in case of outright network outage

  • be reasonably failsafed against network problems

Of course, the cost of such a system might be prohibitive, or at least might not balance well against the value of the service it provides, especially in a resource-challenged environment... but I don't care about that, it doesn't make it any less interesting a problem, and I feel like checking out how far this particular tech curve has gotten anyway.
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weather control

Does Belmont Hill actually have an influence on local weather? The cambridge side of the slope (where rt 2 comes down into alewife) seems to have more than it's share of heavy rain for any given heavy rain storm, but I don't know if that's just an observer effect. Likewise rt 128: does rt 128 itself influence local weather conditions, or just mark them (in a trailer-park like manner) because it was built at least in part in natural valleys?

Related conceit: "I want to build something that has an observable influence on local weather." (No, not really - but the NASA VAB did come to mind.)

Unrelated conceit: "I don't want a funeral - I want a lengthy FBI investigation"
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The FrogPad arrived this morning. Haven't had time to plug it in though, between lengthy limegerbil posts and attempting to concentrate on actual work. need... more... caffeine...
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