September 27th, 2003

classic beard

Hate hate hate

Experiments on 3 platforms, and source code reading on linux (of the "bsdutils" version) show that "script" is simply entirely misimplemented. Not only does the SIGCHLD handler fail to cause any buffered output to get read, but since do_input() doesn't turn it off on EOF, it has a potential race condition involving calling stdio functions from a signal handler. Grr. This isn't rocket science... yet solaris and mac os X get it wrong too.

The fun part is that I was trying to use script to debug a real problem with ptys losing output which is totally masked by this application-level bug. Grrr.
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classic beard

more on creative arts

The October 3 2003 Entertainment Weekly says, about Kill Bill:

".. for [Uma Thurman's] 30th birthday, [Quentin Tarantino] promised Thurman that shed' have a screenplay in three weeks. A year and a half later, he was done."

My first thought was "mmm, just like software" :)

The article also points out that Thurman doesn't drive stick... which may be the only thing she and I have in common...
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