October 6th, 2003

classic beard


I got home and the bedroom temperature was below 60. A week ago, I was still using the airconditioner - now I've turned the oil burner on :-(

I should really arrange some more active temperature monitoring for the whole house, and figure out if it makes sense to add some heat storage to the master bedroom (since it gets so much sun during the day) or perhaps even to relocate to the guest bedroom for the winter.
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    hazy shade of winter - the bangles
classic beard

trike maintenance

So I finally brought the trike into the livingroom to swap out the broken idler wheel, and noticed excessive wear on one of the tires (red rubber showing through the black, I assume that's excessive...) A quick inspection revealed that the tie rods had rotated very far toe-in. I'm going to have to add that to my pre-ride checklist. It would certainly explain the low performance I had on some of the later rides...
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    running up that hill - kate bush
classic beard


This past weekend's pleasure reading:
L.E. Modesitt, Jr. "The Ethos Effect" (in the same universe as "The Parafaith War" but set a few hundred years later. Has a little bit of the escalation problem, but keeps up the style of the first one.
John G. Hemry, "A Just Determination". space-navy ensign and leadership issues; the tech is mostly a setting for the responsibility play, the story would transplant directly to any 20th century navy with a jargon substitution.
Steve Perry, "The 97th Step". Prequel to "The Man Who Never Missed". Excessive personal combat skills combined with martial arts mysticism, mostly character development/backstory for Brother Pen who plays a key role in the later books, via lots of personal growth and tragedy.
Donald Kingsbury, "Psychohistorical Crisis". In the Asimov/Harry Seldon universe; long, slightly confusing use of the alternate-chapters/converging-events technique, partly because he winds three viewpoints from two characters and two timelines. Fun use of the "crazy academic" character type, more personal skill-excess as well.

Still haven't finished Brenda Laurel, "Computers as Theater".