October 10th, 2003

classic beard


pickup truck with Vermont plates "POV CAM".
A bright red RX-7 (looking quite polished, for a car that I thought stopped shipping 10 years ago...)
One of those boxy Mercedes SUV's - not the curvy one, this one is boxier than the hummer, though tall not wide.
Lots and lots of cambridge emergency vehicles out at fresh pond (in front of that recently built... pumping station? power plant? whatever it is west of 16 and north of the park entrance.)

At 300 miles/week, switching to a 30mpg car would save 20 gallons of fuel/week, or 1000 gallons/year (ignoring diesel vs. gas differences.) Going all-electric would save 1500 gallons/year. Ah well, I should really get around to shopping for that RX-8...