October 20th, 2003

classic beard


Got some things done this weekend. Bought Hand/RSS for the clie, dug up python code that writes to PDB files, and implemented a pseudo-conduit - so now the 160 RSS feeds I scan on the mac are available on the Clié too. Might make taking the train in more interesting - hit update, hop in the shower, look at stuff over breakfast, look at more
stuff on the ride in. The commuter rail schedule and my cambridge-oriented social life aren't making that look likely, though. Maybe one day a week.

Still haven't gotten past chapter 2 of computers as theater; did find a web copy of aristotle's poetics, since there's so much reference to it. Haven't read that either.

Drooled over the Tungsten T3. Beautiful screen - as much better than the NX70 as the NX70 was over stuff before it. Nicely done apps, and what finally looks like enough memory for my usage. Would probably already have it if I hadn't put the "must run python" roadblock up, but the softfield.com MX7 isn't shipping yet either. Probably just as well; at very least it'll get me back in the habit of using the old one :-)
classic beard


SARWAR (MA) and 914GHZ (another "real but looks like it should mean something" one :-)

Rt. 2 in Concord and Lincoln, as well as 16 in front of alewife, were pretty slow at 8:30 and 9 respectively. (We've got visitors at work, needed to be in by 10, ugh.) Not slow enough that the train would have been an improvement, though I'd be more relaxed.
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classic beard


First morning I've been up early enough to see frost on the plants (and the truck.) Leaves are falling, now - to the point of being noisy :-) Even Cambridge proper is starting to have yellow leaves, but it's still more green (or at least green-yellow "pea soup" color) than yellow, even along the river.

First day that's really said (to me at least) "Winter is coming"...