October 23rd, 2003

classic beard

edge of snow

Didn't see the predicted "snow showers" until I drove in; then the stuff hitting my windows started to have some crystal structure, dissolving on impact.

Then, at the bottom of Belmont Hill, I came upon a car with MA plates and some remnant snow and ice on their trunk, that looked a lot more convincing, but they must have been much further west.

Cambridge isn't going to see any of this any time soon :-)
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classic beard

ego surfing!

So now, if you search for books on amazon (just the usual generic search, there's no new interface - which I think is quite clever of them) it will now also search the text of 100,000 of their books, and give you page-scan images of hits. This is extraordinarily cool.

Of course, the first thought (after trying the example search) is "Let's see what happens if I search for me!" (Oddly enough, it took me rather a long time after search engines became mainstream to even think of this, but it's a habit now.)

Anyway, my (distinctive, in that it derives from an early-1800's spelling error) name turns up 14 books, 9 of which are actually talking about me. 7 of them are simple bibliography entries (for Microscope and Tweezers, of course.) 1 is a morris-worm related interview (Katie Hafner's "Cyberpunk", which I have.) Finally, a recent book which I'd forgotten about, The Venture Cafe, by Teresa Esser, who collected stories from a bunch of people in startup space a few years back - I'm quoted a number of times, along with Semyon and Monty (and other people connected in other ways, there are some blackjack club examples as well as fastengines examples.) Perhaps I should get around to getting a copy - but the result of this is that I've finally checked over the final versions of the quotes (I did review parts of a draft) and they're actually quite reasonable.
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