October 27th, 2003

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DRM that people would actually *want*

At dinner, inspired by a "free appetizer if you show us our takeout number stored in your cellphone" (and some side commentary in the now-famous scoble "hate microsoft" article on longhorn) we came up with a case of DRM that actual people would want: "non-transferable phone numbers". Right now, most of us take the "rich people's shortcut" of giving our cellphone numbers out - while vendors might distribute them further, they'll get filtered out when they hit the telemarketer buckets. Something that by acclamation "we'd actually pay for" is the ability to give our phone number to, vendors, rental car agencies, etc. in a non-transferable form - "sure, BigCo, you can `play' the number all you want, you just can't give or sell it to any of your `friends'."

VoIP probably makes this (at least potentially) easier, since you can have the DRM step in whatever you replace SIP with (since just applying something like ITMS-DRM to either the numeric or DTMF-audio representation of a phone number is correspondingly vulnerable to the "analog copy" attack.)

(to share the credit: obra, kcr, lxs, and assar were all involved in the discussion.)
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classic beard


Today's haul: K1/GGS (I'm pretty sure the lightning bolt in a ham plate is a stroke, not a dash), DZIOBA, 10800 (not MA, probably random, but meaningful-looking), 68 which was interesting because I saw it right after Hackney License 69 (tag 69 itself, not car-plate 69.) Oh, and "PASTE" parked right outside my office.

Cars-of-note: only a yellow H2 in lincoln.

This is encouraging, because on the drive home I wasn't reading plates at all... not just that it was dark, but I'd had too much caffeine and it was taking too much dwell time to really focus on plates enough to read them. (ie. it confirms that my base vision is still ok, as well as my medium-term memory :)

The too-much-caffeine comes from a trip to L.A. Burdicks, and a large-dark-hot-chocolate. mmmmmmmm. The 4 glasses of iced tea and a coke in the preceding two hours didn't hurt either.

I spend about 300 hours a year driving between home and cambridge. Seems like a big waste of time when looked at that way, except I waste lots of other time too.
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classic beard

the world is different now.

Up until I was 22 years old, the berlin wall was the physical manifestation of the cold war. Now it's a scenic postcard spot.

(I just got a postcard with an east-facing view, from the "back" of the gate.)