November 10th, 2003

classic beard


I saw 4 plates of note on the way in. Let's see if I remember them 2 hours and a lot of distraction later...

ECM (on a saab that was probably not large enough to carry any ECM hardware :-)
51N B09 (5" bog? ok, a bit of a stretch, esp. given that it was clearly in the normal 11A-A11 pattern)

nope, looks like I fail on the fourth. Hmm. Should have gotten more sleep last night. (Note that the purpose of the traffic posts is not to bore you as much as the traffic bores me - ok, not the whole purpose :-) - but it serves as a combination vision and medium-term memory test for me (writing them down while driving would both be dangerous and cheating.) They do also serve to log how much of my attention span goes into commuting; one of the explicit downsides of working in an office. I suppose I could put them in lj-cuts. And sometimes there's something interesting in here...)

I did see cambridge ladder 4 crossing fresh pond, and then a pile of fire equipment two buildings down from the office, though.

Oh, also saw one H2. I've been seeing a number of those lately. Hummer:Tonka::H2:Matchbox :-)

(hours later) almost forgot - another visual cement truck, this time in the mt. auburn construction: some wording about the zakim bridge and the big dig, and then a large picture of the bridge itself. I wonder if there's an increase in cement mixer marketing for some reason, did someone figure out a better way to paint them? Or am I just seeing cement trucks as screensavers? :-)
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