November 17th, 2003

classic beard

more ergonomics


Well, ok, this is really just for commuting and road trips... it's big and comfy and safe... but it accelerates nicely, and keeps up with the faster highway traffic around here while purring lazily. Gets at least twice as many miles per gallon as my usual ride, too :-)

We swede-tested it last night, coming back from Woodmans. It wins completely on legroom, and is a little short on rear headroom but slouching a little takes care of that - for the tallest person I know. Yay!

On top of that, Angie programmed in "the station that plays retro pop reunion" , so I have "my" music until I get a chance to set up an iPod dock. The main "driving" UI is fine, but the auxiliary interfaces are definitely "let the passenger do it" :-)
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