January 10th, 2004

classic beard


"Spring Cleaning", I guess, a little early. The goal: make the two "offices" useful again. The yaks that need shaving along the way: dump more stuff into AFS, decomission anything that isn't (1) useful (2) quiet. The Hush PC worked perfectly as a new fileserver, alongside the Martian box (which isn't on the market anymore) so I've got plenty of quiet storage on-line already. The laptop is getting backed up into that, so I can upgrade to Panther and maybe have some of the laptop annoyances go away... or at very least, convince myself that I have enough backed up that I can send in for service (esp. since I have a loaner at least tentatively arranged.)

This leaves me with an SS10, an SS5, a floor-standing celeron tower with wheels, scsi, and EISA, and a couple of PII or Ppro mini-towers mostly decomissioned. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has good uses for them - but given that you can get nicer systems walking around Cambridge on trash day, I don't expect any. I welcome comments that prove me wrong. I don't plan to landfill the systems - that can wait some number of years - but if I can get more done by not running them, that's hard to argue with.

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