January 16th, 2004

classic beard


lots of cars with enough crusted-on salt and road dirt that the plates weren't readable, including one Government plate on which I could only really tell that it ended in "70", and that was sitting behind it at freshpond.

346-WOW, K2D (which looked like H2O before I got closer to it on rt2.)

I finally caught on to the fact that most of my bmw-count is inside rt 16 - because if I come in later than 11, the total car count is very low on rt 2 (especially when you add in traffic-clustering effects.) Still only saw a half dozen or so today. Possibly with the schools closed there are more people taking the day off.

Also saw an oil tank truck (delivery-style, not long-haul) with Rhode Island plates, which seemed like an odd thing to see on mt. auburn near bow street... I'd always expected such things to be very local...
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