February 7th, 2004

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Bluetooth Toys

This article on mobilewhack explains more about how the new Mac OS X bluetooth software (1.5) and firmware upgrader, together, let you use a jabra headset as an output (and input) device for a PowerBook. This inspired me to figure out why my Jabra BT200 wasn't working - turns out that the charging brick was dead, and a similar unit from an old ethernet hub works as a replacement.

Now I start to wonder how practical voice-rec is for programming... and if papers like this one on ShortTalk would help, in that regard. More likely, I think I still want a keyboard, just a better one - it puts the words through different parts of my brain :-) The headset is still pretty good for announcements, though not great for music ("mono, and about par with a good landline...")
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