February 19th, 2004

classic beard

Strange Dreams

I usually don't remember dreams, but this one was... odd.

I needed to get on a green line train in brookline somewhere. They then announced that one in ten green line trains would be taking a short cut on the red line. I got on anyway, and that train then turned right and (with a bit less noise than the harvard square curve) ended up on another set of tracks. The first stop was an outdoor station, a lot like riverside - with a clear "red line (T)" sign, and a very confused person looking at this green line train, their ticket, and the sign... the next stop was a park-street like thing, except it was big and had multiple loops, and another green line train followed us around for a while. Then I expected it to go to the end of the line (which was a big underground station with a layout like the amtrak part of south station) but instead, I ended up no longer on the train but in a lego store. I think I had to build another train or something, in a hurry. It fades out from there :-)