March 1st, 2004

classic beard

All Chocolate, All The Time

38 guests. 3.5lbs of dark chocolate, 2lbs of white, and that doesn't count the truffles or the taste-comparison of 70% darks that were brought (6 bars, surprisingly different flavors.) Made chocolate-corn-flake-crunchies, some rice-crispie-bark, a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels; a bunch of chess piece halves and most of a house. (There were leftovers.) A 2x-ziti recipe seems to have fed everyone, plus we had chocolate stout, mocha porter, two different kinds of chocolate-cream-liqueur, as well as a variety of other non-chocolate drinks. The chocolate vodka didn't come out this time, though. (and wow, people actually drank half the Moxie :-)

Switching from chocolatry to pasta confused people a bit, several people saw me browning the ground beef and wanted to know if we were dipping that in chocolate too :-) I didn't think a mole' sauce was quite right for ziti, though.

Still have one bowl of ganache that needs to turn into truffles.

Preparation for next time:

  • do the ganache earlier, or don't do it at all

  • get better standing-around shoes

  • check the out-of-town list carefully, so as not to fail to invite one of my oldest friends

  • arrange for more dhcp addresses, we were apparently one short.

  • get more small ("sampling") stemware

One more dishwasher load and I'm completely cleaned up, too. Zzzzzzzz. Chocolate dreams!
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