March 16th, 2004

classic beard


After seeing Jesse's tiny exilim, I've been looking at upgrades for the Canon S200 I've been using for the last two years - ideally, something that's as good but smaller. The exilim is tempting, but only as one-of-two: the camera I have in my pocket all the time, but with a second (possibly the Canon S1-IS with 10x zoom and image stabilizer) as the "good" camera. Then I saw this O'Reilly review of the new Kyocera Contax SL300R. 3.2MP, rather smaller than the S200, funky swivel arrangement, notably fast time-to-first-picture, 3x zoom, and a lens adaptor ring. This means not needing the angle-clip I use with the S200, and getting much better coupling with the lens... and by the power of google, I've even found someone already doing this:
the moon through contax + telescope and a shot of the contax mounted on the telescope. This is exactly one of my use-cases...