March 24th, 2004

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WHEREAS, The structure of a building can affect a person's mood,
which can influence a person's behavior, which, in turn, can
determine the success of a person's personal and professional
relationships, and the aim of Feng Shui architecture is to study how
the environment in which people live may affect their lives, and
influence their quality of life; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, That the Legislature of the State of California
urges the California Building Standards Commission to adopt building
standards that promote Feng Shui principles and publish these
building standards in the California Building Standards Code;...

ACR 144 "Assembly Concurrent Resolution" introduced to the California State Legislature back in January of this year. It actually goes on for 6 more paragraphs.

Then again, it's California - one is almost surprised that this wasn't done years ago...
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