May 5th, 2004

classic beard

traffic, sort of

As a result of going through my music collection in alphabetical order by title, I've found myself listening to some songs more carefully than before. In particular, I'd never noticed the lead-in lines to Meat Loaf's Rear View Mirror:
If life is just a highway,
and the soul is just a car:
then Objects in the Rear View Mirror
may appear Closer than they Are...

It's a fine example of what happens when you stretch an analogy way past the breaking point. Since I was stopped at a traffic light anyway, I snapped a relevant picture:

and then noticed that the BMW mirrors don't say that. Instead, they say
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
, just like the one in Jurassic Park :-)

ps. Yes, this was mostly an excuse to play with data: urls...
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