May 7th, 2004

classic beard


Jesse found these little LED blinkylights that were a party favor of some sort, they appear to be a metal shell holding 2 or 3 watch batteries, and a few semiconductor dice (two LED emitters and what is probably the oscillator) cast under a clear lens, plus a magnet on the end of the shell to make it easier to stick to things. has them cheap in bulk, and well... They blink around twice a second, with a short but bright pulse. Having a few of them on my desk is surprisingly cheering, sort of like having a little fire going.

Another data: experiment is behind the cut (but it probably works anywhere the previous one did :-) It occurs to me that these might be useful in places where authentication gives you high per-connection costs, but the lack of caching probably outweighs that in practice. Still, being able to construct a "multimedia" post as a single file continues to amuse me, even if it doesn't work for IE users

This should be at close to the camera picture rate - 280ms/shot. In retrospect, I might as well have used video mode, with it's lower resolution (and 16ms/frame) because of how far down I cropped the picture for this anyway. Still, it's only 64k in the end.

(Oops, the html-ized text was 81K, and LJ has a posting size limit of 64K bytes, which I guess is fair. Oh well.)
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