June 27th, 2004

classic beard

taking this all a little too seriously

A few months ago I came up with an idea and some code for a weblog related thing that I call trackforward. The name comes from the commercial-weblog-space "trackback" tools, which are used to say "I'm talking about you" from one blog to another. Trackforward, instead, says "I'm talking" :-) and collects all of the comments I make in public blogs and puts them in one place; this has interesting uses which aren't the point of this post.

The point is that that page is now the second hit on google for trackforward; gives the idea that although other people have used the name before, I've got some kind of "grip" on it, at least according to the arbiter of all worldly truth. It isn't even a "product" that other people can use, yet, it's just one of my toys...

On a related (and more real) note, apparently my Europython notes and pictures have gotten a surprising (to me at least) amount of positive attention and linking, within the python community - mostly because the content was interesting, which is about the conference, not about me - but it does give me the sense that I've actually *contributed* something, instead of purely being a consumer in this space. This is... neat, at least. It suggests that I should improve my workflow so I can put together more of these photoessays, more easily - now that the captioning tool is "done" (in the sense that I've now spent more time using it than I did writing it :-) I should put some coding time on the collation side of things. (Or I could just use tinderbox - but I'm happier with tools that I know all the way down.)
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