July 19th, 2004

classic beard

Ooh, another patent...

(I'm also on Patent 6,374,402, which was issued in April 2002, the same week that the remnant of Arepa laid off the last batch of people...)

United States Patent 6,763,370

Schmeidler ,   et al. -- July 13, 2004

Method and apparatus for content protection in a secure content delivery system


A system for secure delivery of on-demand content over broadband access networks utilizes of servers and security mechanisms to prevent client processes from accessing and executing content without authorization. A plurality of encrypted titles are stored on a content server coupled to the network. An access server also coupled to the network contains the network addresses of the titles and various keying and authorization data necessary to decrypt and execute a title. A client application executing on a user's local computer system is required to retrieve the address, keying and authorization data from the access server before retrieving a title from the content server and enabling execution of the title on a user's local computer system.

Inventors: Schmeidler; Yonah (Cambridge, MA); Atkins; Derek (Somerville, MA); Eichin; Mark W. (Somerville, MA); Rostcheck; David J. (Arlington, MA)

Assignee: Softricity, Inc. (Boston, MA)