August 3rd, 2004

classic beard

Another blog

It turns out that part of MIT is doing weblogging, the IESL is running (signup available to anyone with an email address, apparently.) Until I get around to building something more real for myself, my MIT blog will take more of the deeply technical material. (This won't make my livejournal less technical, per se, I'll just publish more things than I previously had.) RSS feed exists too.

(Note that as a service it is kind of sketchy - it is Windows ASP.NET based, and I've already seen one bug related to that, in creating a side-bar link without first creating a category and getting a low-level object error. Doesn't seem to have any of the well known posting APIs, and many of the sparsely-posted blogs there are loading up on comment spam, which needs system-level tools [like livejournal has] to cleanly handle that. Of course, "software is composed entirely of bugs", I found a Safari-crashing bug that reduces to an 11-element HTML file, cooked down from the link-posting page...)