August 26th, 2004

classic beard

Grinding to a halt - a tale of laptop woe

There's something about Mondays.

Monday evening. Not much going on, dropped a friend off at the airport, had dinner, things are generally quiet. I've been "catching up" on a lot of my electronic lists and todos; went through a few hundred items from the first year of the current job, most of which were either fixed or no longer relevant, but got a good pile of questions to hunt down out of it. Caught up on a bunch of my reading (Robin Williams' "design for non-designers" is excellent, even if I'm embarassed to admit that one of the business card designs on the "don't do this, haven't you learned anything yet?" pages is almost exactly like the ones I designed for myself 7 or 8 years back), got 2/3 of the way through Dive Into Python (great book if you're already a programmer and want to read and/or fix someone else's code in a hurry. Beginners or the otherwise less brave may go splat, though: none of this "hello world" crap, the first example is a database client!) and decided to watch some videos of Chuck Moore's talks.

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