August 30th, 2004

classic beard

More Grinding, More Halting

If you recall my earlier "ergonomics" postings, I commute in a 1989 BMW 750iL, a "luxury" BMW with a V12 engine, comfy leather seats, very good "road feel", and a sun roof. In spite of being half a foot longer than the truck, it is rather easier to park - all in all a very pleasant and relaxing driving experience, at least on the highway. I picked the car up cheap, very used, fully aware that it would be high maintenance - it set some kind of record for number of recalls, even - developed good rapport with Mighty Motors, the local non-dealer BMW hackers, who have made a number of safety-related repairs.

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(Oh, and if anyone knows an easy way to add things to the context menu in firefox, and/or how to scan or track current urls, let me know - it's one of the places that Safari + AppleScript appears to be way ahead, but now I actually need to fix it...)