August 31st, 2004

classic beard

mmm, dessert

Had dinner at Rustic Kitchen in Porter Square. Kitchen was slow, iced tea was bad (not as bad as CBC which still holds the Worst Iced Tea In Cambridge slot for having carbonated iced tea... just bad in the usual "fish died in it" way that one tends to associate with overused brewing gear.) The ravioli with veal was obliterated by the mushrooms (tasty mushrooms, but no overall balance, and the pasta is supposed to be their specialty.) Carpaccio was a little odd, with unremarkable garnishes. Overall it would be "forgotten"... except for the dessert.

For a restaurant that advertises their skilled pastry chef (perhaps she's only at the Fanueil Hall location?), there wasn't much pastry-oriented in the desserts - but the "Strawberry Cheesecake Cannoli" was quite good, texture and taste, not overwhelmingly sweet but satisfyingly so. Reportedly the chocolate cake was good too. So, they get a second chance, probably not right away, but they don't go completely off the list...
classic beard

ground, halted.

Rebuilding the transmission for the BMW is $4000. So sad. Looks like Volunteers of America gets it (like they did my old Geo Metro) if they want it. If they don't, has an arrangement with Car Program LLC, so they're second on the list.

Update: VOA didn't want it, but suggested some others to try; trying now...

Update[2]: donateacar has said they'll take it (on behalf of the Apache Software Foundation, thanks to obra for pointing out that they had a form.) I'll need to followup this week and make sure they actually get the car out of there.

Update[3]: They picked up the car, so it's all over.