September 19th, 2004

classic beard


I have a bunch of old "workstation" hardware that has only historical value, and limited historical value at that. In particular, it has no sentimental value to me (though it has to other people in the past) and really has very limited educational value. Most of it is large volumes of metal - the hardware includes Sun 4/260's, various HP lunchboxes (CPU, floppy, optical drive - no tape drives), various sun 3 "pizza boxes" and motherboards. Much of the hardware is ex-MIT; one of the suns was once

Anyone local (Eastern Massachusetts, you'd have to drive here to pick the stuff up yourself) have an interest in any of it? As parts for something you're already running, I'd probably feel guilty if someone started a new project with any of this stuff - much of it can't outrun a modern palm pilot, and energy consumption alone is a good reason to never fire any of this up again - and modern equipment tends to be a lot more reliable. However, I thought I'd give people at large one shot at it; I'll call scrap haulers sometime around October 1st, I want the cubic meters back.

(And no, don't suggest giving it to a school, unless you know an electronics class that wants desoldering practice; teaching kids about *computing* on this hardware would be actively harmful.)

Post comments here if you (1) want any of it (2) have a really clever idea for something to do with it (which probably won't happen if it involves me doing actual work, but I'm still curious if there is *any* use for these in the 21st century...)