October 4th, 2004

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I watched the 2nd x-prize-qualifying flight on the webcast again. The webcast was more heavily "produced" than before, but some of the backstory was interesting; it included particular gems like the aircraft id number of SS1 being a hack (N328KF standing for 328 KiloFeet, the target altitude.)

The flight itself was uneventful - didn't even have the roll that the previous flight did. Everything went entirely professionally, very confidence inspiring.

At one point the camera showed the three chase planes together, and my thought was that you wouldn't expect to see a set of planes like that in one place outside of a time travel story - the stunt-prop "past", the jet "present", and the Beech Starship "future" (yeah, it's been out of production for 10 years, but it *looked* 20 years ahead of it's time then, and still does :-)

Now they're gearing up for production. By the time they get them online, I should have the cash available. (After all, the question isn't "am I going or not", it's "am I thinking about sending rutan my resume and moving out to mojave...")

ps. The Google X-prize Logo is very cute.
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