December 7th, 2004

classic beard

US SmartCAR #1. On eBay.

ZAPworld is selling their first legal Smart conversion on eBay. As of this post, it's up to $16,800, 7 hours into a 10 day auction, with a $0.01 starting bid.

Update: halfway through (5 days to go) and it is at $24,100.

Update^2: I saw it go as high as $24,200, and then it vanished, possibly as an "erroneous listing." I wonder what happenned. (Logged in and searching for past auctions doesn't find it either...)

Update final: ZapWorld issued a press release explaining the eBay got picky about the conversion not having actually been finished yet (which they'd made clear in the description, but...) They also claimed a peak of $27k and talked about the value of ebay for measuring a market :-)
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