March 10th, 2005

classic beard


I've heard the phrase "You can't get there from here" thousands of times in my life; except for a brief excursion south, my home has been New England for the bulk of 35+ years, so this should be unsurprising.

It wasn't until recently (about 6 weeks ago, I just remembered that I hadn't posted it) that it dawned on me, that the important word there isn't can't, but you.

That changes it entirely, in a rather kick-in-the-head kind of way. YOU can't get there from here. ("Of course I can't, that's why I was asking." "But it's complicated, if I just tell you, you still won't, you'll just be further away and differently lost." Or something like that.) Very different from (archaic) One can't get there from here, or "there cannot be gotten to from here", which is the way I've always read it, and possibly the way some speakers intend it...
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