May 4th, 2005

classic beard


So I took a day off from work to catch up on things (housecleaning, paperwork, wedding invitations, Mother's Day cards, that sort of thing...) and ended up doing some work-related hacking on our build system (we just switched over to Subversion, and are still shaking out some of the CVS dependencies.)

Combining that observation with a quote from Jesse's bio (I won't spoil it, you'll have to wait for the book :-) and some of the GTD stuff, and letting it rattle around for a bit, I realize that something in common with "hacker types" *isn't* that we don't procrastinate. If anything, we're worse about it. It's just that we procrastinate by doing things that other people would call "work"...
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classic beard

Movie Moments

Driving east on Mt. Auburn, just before it merges with Mass Ave, a little more awake and alert than I usually am at that point in the my drive... and a flutter of flower petals comes down from the trees above the road... just as an Enya song comes up on the iPod (via random shuffle.) My first thought was "how nicely choreographed". My second thought was to flash back to a high school friend's ranting about solipsism ("So if I close my eyes, you really will go away?" "See? you get it!") and how, if I didn't have a good sense of how tuned people are for extracting non-existant patterns from noise, I could get *really* paranoid...
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