May 18th, 2005

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New Computer Multiplier Geek Meme

rfrench described the delta between "the first computer he ever owned" and the random desktop he just picked up to replace it. This amused me, and since I happen to be shopping for a single "server" box that will *easily* replace everything I have running in, all at once, which looks like a reasonably cheap desktop PC can handle, I took the same curve against that target system:

  • cpu: 3e9 * 30 / 4.77e6 => 18,868x more clock (the 30 could be argued up to 100)

  • memory: 2e9/4e3 => 500,000x more memory

  • disk: 800e9/56e3 => 14,285,714x more disk

  • screen res: 1600*1200 / 128*48 = 312x more addressable pixels

  • screen size: 24" diag /14" diag = ~3x area
  • external I/O: 1e9/300 = 3,333,333 x
  • "and yet, it will only have about 20% more keys."

(This is vs. a TRS-80 Model I, assuming cassette tape as "disk".) I'd have to dig up notes to compare price (which wouldn't be entirely fair since mine was a corporate donation of sorts) but the modern system is definitely significantly cheaper, both in list price and adjusted price.
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