May 30th, 2005

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Tiger update

I just updated my laptop from 10.3.9 to 10.4.1. Generally uneventful; DashBoard is cute [I'm actually posting this from a dashboard app]; I had to install updated versions of fink and carbonemacs, reinstall a few things like OnMyCommand, and switch monitor_safari over to the appscript version (which I'd written just to play with appscript, but gensuitemodule no longer seems to work usefully so now I have to use appscript... just as well, it is a lot cleaner, if it doesn't ship stock.) /usr/bin/emacs is broken under xterm, at least (garbles the screen) which was annoying since *both* of the other versions needed upgrading. Oh, and $KRB5CCNAME works in a unixlike way now, so I can stop special casing those aliases (which should make a couple of things work better, at least for me.)

I'll have to try some of the "new" things this week; mostly I've gotten past the things that *must* work for me to get work done, and that's worked out fine.
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