July 6th, 2005

classic beard

I'm *baaack*

Two weeks in Sweden, including 3 days at Europython 2005 (and I even pulled off a "what I did on my summer vacation" lightning talk, about writing code to talk to a bluetooth gps, record location and picture, and then later plot it, all on the phone, mostly during the train ride down to Gothenburg...) and a bunch of decadent dining, several boat rides, only a little bit of sunburn... now I'm just a little jetlagged and tired, but that should be over soon. More details and stories (to go with the pictures) soon.

Oh, and there will be Lodjur pictures. And video (lots and lots of it. We saw the *kittens*. All three of them. *terribly* cute...)
classic beard

New Office!

New office!

While I was in Sweden, my office moved out from under me (this has happenned 3 times now :-) Only by about 5 blocks; now I have a view looking down on the central square fire station, which should add photo opportunities...