August 31st, 2005


"The highways and byways of the land..."

Atlantic ocean off rockport
Originally uploaded by Mark Eichin.
The month has been busy - not just with work (though it has been - and we're hiring again, will post jobs shortly) but with other parts of life. I've done more exploring in the last month than in the last two years, the convertible is both *way* cooler than I'd imagined it would be, it's also makes for a very relaxing ride - so I'm in better shape when I get to work and when I get home, and I actually look forward to the driving, and have done more exploration just because getting there would be fun. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a 60's era movie, just driving around and seeing the scenery because I can. Driving to Nova Scotia for a wedding was quite an adventure, as well as a beautiful event, and I want them to start running Catferry service to Hawaii and Europe too. Driving to Rockport (see the attached picture) was much calmer but also quite pleasant. I'm working on a list of further trips...

On the techie side, yes, codemonth is coming, as is IAP after that. I haven't sat down to play with Django yet, but the more I read the more impressed I get. Jam (from Perforce) is a very cool make and/or build-script replacement, now that I've finally clicked with it. I also haven't found a laptop that inspires me and that I can actually *get*, the IBM tablet has doubled in shipping time, a replacement mac from the current crop would be boring, and the Flybook is a bit risky as a linux platform.

The New Orleans disaster is kind of sad... I've been to New Orleans, and saw enough of the French Quarter to find it interesting - and now it's pretty much gone. It might be that it was exciting because it was ephemeral, but while hurricane risk has been present and real for a long time, it was a lot more ignorable than, for example, the Cold War, and I don't think it actually had that strong an influence. Ah well. At least it's a reminder to see things "now".