September 6th, 2005


So that's what weekends are for...

Saturday: Explored Littleton and Acton. Found a
1953 jaguar
1953 Jaguar, a number of horses, cows, and sheep (Littleton is inside 495, but feels more like Western MA), and Prouty Woods Community Forest, with some nice trails and a loop that goes down to
Long Lake
Long Lake (which google calls "Long Pond", Hmph.) which is used for
Canoeing, fishing, and swimming. I should send the New England Forestry Foundation an updated map; the maps they supply have accurate trails, but no landmark labels. Fortunately the trails are extremely well marked, and it isn't all that big, but I'm going to start keeping a small pack for "accidental hiking" :-) Failed to have dinner at Kimball Farms (being the only Thing To Do out there, it is very crowded on a Saturday night, I guess) (and ice cream wouldn't have been a good choice for dinner, by that point :-)

Sunday: Drove down to the Container Store and got some Stuff, including tools to experiment with chocolate writing for hartmans's birthday party. Got rained on - concluded that the sunroof is particularly for weather in which you don't trust the sky enough to keep the top down :-) Was too warm/humid for the chocolate to set correctly (I've gotten used to Summer and didn't think about it, should have cranked the A/C down more - I've got a temperature and humidity sensor in the kitchen for that very reason) but it was edible enough to vanish rapidly, so that turned out fine.

Monday: Explored Pepperell
and Groton, ran off the edge of my map
and ended up in New Hampshire via some back roads. Switched maps, stumbled across an L.L.Bean Factory outlet - picked up some safety supplies for the "accidental hiking" pouch. Also found a small airport and watched a lot of teaching planes (from
Daniel Webster College) land and take off again.

Getting familiar with more of Massachusetts seems like a good precursor to a longer trip in the spring - partly it's a matter of "limbering up", partly it's just *so* pretty here this time of year. Also learning that I need much better tools for writing up travelogues like this...
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