September 11th, 2005

classic beard

More travel

Originally uploaded by Mark Eichin.
This time, the northerly route - 2A, 13, 2A again, 2 when 2A ran out... then through Turners Falls and down 5/10 to Deerfield, where I stumbled upon The Magic Wings butterfly conservatory and spent a little while taking pictures and getting visually overstimulated (wheee :-)

Then down 5 to 23, across to 7 and then down 41, down to 4 in Sharon and back to 7. May try doing the return trip via Rhode Island...

Update: Did go back via Rhode Island, 7 to 109 to 6 to 44 to 101 to 126 to 114 to 123 to 106 to 138 to 93 to Cambridge. Eastern CT is reasonably pretty, Western RI has better roads, though.