October 23rd, 2005

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More numbers!
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Drove out to Western MA this weekend; explored a bunch of different things on the way - in particular, at the new Turners Falls nature center, learned that MA has fish ladders too, and even a fish Elevator.

Found a good dinner in Lee, at the "Salmon Run Fish Restaurant" (which I kept trying to hyphenate, in an EEO kind of way :-)

But the clever bit was that we suceeded in pouncing on cjsmith for her last dance, with the Berkshire square dance ninjas :-) A little bit of google, a hint from her mom, and a helpful librarian got us to the right building, except there was a wedding in the way; went around back and climbed up a fire escape, peered in a window, and hey, there was CJ! (and rob, and a whole mob of other dancers...) After being pointed at a useful entrance, we found our way in and visited, and watched the last couple of insanely complicated dances (C4 calls are a lot like german sentences, lots of pieces and you don't know what's going on until the end... and this was C4 Invitational, ie. the people who argue about calls :-) It was great fun, good to catch up with CJ. It would have been a good weekend anyway, but a successful pouncing is always good :-)