October 31st, 2005

classic beard

Autumn leaves fall with a gentle... *splat*???

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So it was cloudy, dark and gloomy, when I got up Saturday. No problem, I had sleep to catch up on, then a couple of Halloween parties to go to. Too wet out to work on chocolate, though. Had to get some supplies for some house projects (mostly caulk and cleaning supplies), so headed out for Home Depot - there were reports of snow in Cambridge, but Concord had nothing.

By the time I got to route 2, however, it was coming down. Thick wet flakes. Branches started bowing lower, Autumn leaves started crashing off the trees (not with the typical flutter, but with a *splat* when they hit. That's Just Wrong!)

Learned a lot (all good) about the handling characteristics of the small car. Wasn't much else pleasant about the trip, but it worked out OK.

Punted on the costumes (couldn't find my old stuffed fox, so couldn't do the easy "wear a red shirt, go as a Red State" idea) but got to socialize some; 5 year old girls apparently really like playing with dry ice and laser pointers.

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Sunday made up for it, though - beautiful sky, glorious color, good driving, even found a good ice cream shop in the middle of nowhere. The rest of the week looks good too. Yay!