November 29th, 2006

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My Next Car

I've mentioned this before, but the Tesla Electric Sportscar has gotten a bunch of new press lately, reaffirming for me that, once they open the New York sales and service office and I can drive one home from there, that I'm getting one.

  • Paul Boutin (anyone here remember him? Media Lab dude in the late 80's, famous at the time for answering the question "What's the biggest technological challenge of the next decade?" with "There are only seventeen thousand three letter acronyms" :-) got a chance to test drive one, and wrote it up for Slate.

  • Wired has a Tesla photodismantlement - shots of the motor, batteries, and conventional parts.

An interesting he brings up in the article is shifting - like the electric Wrightspeed X1, there isn't any. The article points out something I'd never really understood before - "shifting" really is a kludge, an artifact not of driving, but of "primitive" internal combustion engines...