December 14th, 2006

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More Jobs!

We're still trying to find a support engineer. This is tricky because so many people with support on their resumes are good at regurgitating training and (more usefully) "giving good phone" - our support people need to be able to diagnose complex systems issues, often over the phone (though you've got all the local systems you need to duplicate and root-cause the problem); work closely with engineering; figure out the system from manuals and stories - if you're motivated enough you can put time into *building* training programs, but we don't have formal training yet... customers are actually reasonably sophisticated early-adopter types, but the problems run from network/install issues, integration issues, all the way to linguistic questions. Talk to me directly, or email me at work...
classic beard

Huh, another patent...

US Patent 7,017,188

Apparently the owner of the wreckage of Arepa managed to flog through the third patent application this spring, so after 6 years, Patent 7,017,188 got issued, with my name on it. I'm pretty sure that was the last of the applications.

Other than the flashbacks from reading the attached drawings (RAFT, ARFSD, Activators... it looks like "Briq" got mangled into "brig" though) there isn't really anything useful to get out of this... other than the anecdotal point that every time I ego-surf a new search engine, I actually learn something, which I really didn't expect this time :-)
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