April 22nd, 2007

classic beard

Another Month

Originally uploaded by Mark Eichin.
The rain finally stopped and we had a perfect day for taking pictures of wildlife (see here, and surrounding pictures over on flickr.)

Work has been busy but much less stressful - we hired a sufficiently experienced release engineer that I've been able to "let go with both hands" and focus on long overdue design projects (a good reminder that I'm actually pretty good at those... if I can focus all of my attention on them; I really can't be doing anything else in parallel...)

Best Recent License Plate: N2D. (Took me about a quarter mile additional driving to realize that it could be NERD in I18N-speak :-)

Best Recent Music: soundtrack to Wicked, especially track 4.
("What is this feeling, so sudden and new...")

Best Recent Scientific Factoid: Canadian Geese exist in sweden, but the entire population is so inbred that DNA testing fails to be able to determine parentage.

Most Surreal Fortune Cookie (royal east, 2007-04-17): "Now is the time to make circles with
mints, do not haste any longer."