_Mark_ (eichin) wrote,

More Cars...

An electric-motor manufacturer has build a high performance Hybrid Mini Cooper - the QED (Quad Electric Drive), 65-80mpg on fuel, up to four hours on battery (70Ah 300V LiPoly, plus an 11Farad ultracapacitor) - does regenerative braking, 600-900 miles range, 150mph top speed (which is a good trick given that it is a motor per wheel and no gearing...) It is wall-chargable as well. Not a product line, but they are entertaining offers to build more...

On the SmartCar front, someone Greece built a SmartCar for the US market - by upgrading it to a V6 diesel and chassis from a Unimog, monster tires (2ft ground clearance), and otherwise offroading it, calling it the forFun2...

And back in the pure electric side of things, remember the Corbin Sparrow (popularly resurrected in the second Austin Powers movie)? Three wheeled motorcycle-licensed one-person vehicle, looks like a deformed jelly bean, two wheels in the front, went under a few years back... Turns out that you can actually buy an electric version called the NMG-1 ("No More Gas".) Only 30 miles range, 70mph - probably makes it an acceptable city runabout, actually....
Tags: car, mini, smartcar
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