_Mark_ (eichin) wrote,

Hiring again!

MetaCarta is growing and needs more engineers! Formal job descriptions are elsewhere, but my version of the details is behind the cut (since posting here has turned up people before...)

We're looking for a test engineer. This is a design and development position - repetition is for machines, humans just aren't that good at it, and we don't have enough of them anyway - you may write frameworks, specialized load generators, and reporting tools, as well as specific tests; we're young enough that you can influence test planning policy and standards. Emphasis is on system test (we ship an appliance, not code) and user-facing feature test. You should be comfortable with python, linux (especially debian), raw html, and http; good time management (because we will drown you otherwise :-) and on-line communications skill (especially finding useful information in engineer-written explanations.)

We're also looking for "general purpose" engineers. Comfort areas should include C++, scripting (we're python-centric, but can help you port from perl if needed), and linux (we're debian-centric, both product and infrastructure); systems experience important, database experience is interesting, good diagnostic skills are a must; familiarity with the legalities of working with both open and closed source software a plus; test development a plus since you will be writing your own test plans, and may be called upon to write tests as well (what engineer isn't? by the very of nature of code, you need more tests than code... it's one of the reasons we're not hiring merely coders :-) and it helps keep the engineers honest about the testing difficulty when they have to consider testing as part of any feature design.) Ability to estimate your own work is also useful (ie. enough experience that you can actually do that).

(Hmm, that's a lot of stuff. The capsule summary is probably "experienced and trying to become more so, obsessive enough to have dug deeply into things before instead of wondering about them, responsible enough to feel guilty when a bug comes in that you could have tested for up front" :-)

We're also looking for additional documentation people, which includes a lot of "figure it out yourself" skills, and ability to clearly explain systems that make the linux commandline look straightforward; also requires LaTeX familiarity (writer-level, not template-designer-ninja.)

Send me email at work if you're interested in any of these; if you include a resume, make it plain text - PDF is ok but will annoy me a little; any other binary format will be discarded unread :-)

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